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Lobomaravilha is a fantastic artist with an adorable whimsical style. She created a beautiful mermaid version of “Cloud” for the Monday of June 11, 2018. If you would like to view more of her work, please follow the link below. Make sure you support this remarkable artist and give her a follow on Instagram! 

MerMonday March 2019 Word Prompt

About MerMonday Art Challenge

MerMonday is a weekly art challenge for mermaid fans to create artwork on a weekly bases. Each month I will post a list of all the Monday dates and inspirational words. The goal is to post a mermaid illustration on each Monday. MerMonday is a yearly art challenge and is open to anyone who is a fan of mermaids and art.

Tom Bancroft’s MerMay was a big inspiration for MerMonday. If you are not familiar with MerMay, you can learn more about his art challenge at www.mermay.com

How to Participate

MerMonday is a social media art challenge primarily on Instagram. If you like to participate, please make sure you tag me on your artwork @dreampigment and use the hashtag #MerMonday2019. You can also post your mermaid art on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Deviant Art, and Pinterest.

Get a Mention on My Instagram Story

If you tag me, I will give you a mention on my Instagram story. Make sure you post your work on Mondays and use my word prompt. Any artwork displayed after Monday, I will not mention. I can’t wait to see your mermaid artwork!

Get Featured on MerMonday.com

The best MerMonday designs will get a feature on this website. I will also add a link to either his/her Instagram or website portfolio.

Not an artist

If you are not an artist but would like to show your support make sure you follow me on Instagram @dreampigment or follow the hashtag #MerMonday2019.

Hi my name is Armando


I am a professional graphic designer/ illustrator that resides in So Cal. I currently work for Crystal Art Gallery as a graphic artist. I run a small business called Dream Pigment and I love to draw mermaids! MerMonday is my art challenge for myself and other artists.

MerMonday 2019

Looking for inspiration for your mermaid illustrations? Here are my MerMonday illustrations starting from January 2019!

MerMonday 2018

My MerMonday illustrations from June to December 2018

MerMay 2018

Here are all my thirty one illustrations for May 2018.

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