The Challenge

Welcome to MerMonday! This website is dedicated to all my mini mermaid illustrations. I was inspired to continue this series after the MerMay 2018 art challenge was over. If you aren’t familiar with MerMay check out Tom Bancroft’s website at, there you will learn about his passion for mermaids and his rich history as a 2D animator for Disney. 

Inspired by Tom’s challenge I’ve decided to create my own art challenge called MerMonday, in which I will draw a new mermaid illustration on Mondays. 

Like MerMay, there will be a word prompt list as a guide for me. If you want to participate, feel free to do so. Don’t forget to tag me on social media, I would love to see your artwork!

Hi my name is Armando


I am a professional graphic designer/ illustrator that resides in So Cal. I currently work for Crystal Art Gallery as a graphic artist. I also run a small business called Dream Pigment. This site is a personal art challenge to me because I love to draw mermaids. I hope to a create new illustration each Monday. 

MerMonday 2018

Here are some of my MerMonday illustrations starting from June 2018

MerMay 2018

Here are all my thirty one illustrations for May 2018.

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